Farm Management Services

farm Management Services Pathfinder Company Fremont NEPathfinder Company Farm Management services are designed to assist landowners who do not farm themselves. Our experienced farm managers know each farm and every client is different. This is why our company develops a comprehensive plan that covers every detail related to the management of your land assets. Our farm plans are tailored to meet landowner goals and objectives in the short and long term.

Working with an experienced farm manger allows you to enjoy farm land ownership while they take care of the details!

Farm Management Services Provided

  • Lease Development
  • Frequent Farm Inspections
  • Property Supervision/ Maintenance
  • Locating/ Working with a Farm Operator
  • Crop Input Management/ Budgeting (seed, chemicals, fertilizer, etc.)
  • Compliance with Government Programs
  • Grain Marketing
  • Conservation of Land
  • Environmental Stewardship
  • Crop/ Liability Insurance

Client Care

  • Clients are kept up to date with written quarterly reports on area weather, crop progress, market conditions, and financial account details.
  • A year end financial statement is provided to help with tax planning.
  • All client and financial account information is kept strictly confidential.

Lease Services

A lease can be tailored to fit each individual situation. The type of lease depends on your financial situation and level of risk tolerance. The most common lease types:

  • 50/ 50 Crop Share

The owner and operator share most expenses and income 50/ 50.

  • Cash Rent

This type of lease provides the owner with a fixed income each year. Cash rental rates are analyzed each year for land use and quality relative to market returns. Expenses incurred by the owner are land improvements, repairs, and property taxes.

  • Flex Cash Rent

Flex cash rents are a variation of a cash rental agreement. This lease sets a fixed minimum return, yet offers a bonus payment to the owner when higher yields and/ or prices are received. Expenses incurred are identical to a cash rent lease.

  • Modified Crop Share

The owner incurs a higher level of operating expenses and receives a higher percentage of revenues. The operator receives a small crop share for providing labor and equipment only.

  • Custom Farming

The owner receives 100% of revenues, but incurs all expenses for crop inputs. Farm operators are paid to perform the field operations necessary for crop production.

We have developed many different types of custom leases and will tailor a lease to fit your individual situation. For more information feel free to contact us.



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